I work as an English teacher, and I teach primary school students aged 11 - 14. Being a teacher has taught me to feel compassion for my students and to watch the progress of a human in their development during such a sensitive period. In the future, I hope to complete further studies and eventually become a university instructor. I also have a legal translation license. The majority of the cases I translate are about the expansion of the settlements and violations against Palestinian people. My hobbies include playing video games on my PC. At the moment I am playing ‘War Thunder.’ I also enjoy listening to music. I have a huge music collection. I love metal! Some of my favorite bands are Metallica, TOOL, Dream Theatre and A Perfect Circle. I also really like Pink Floyd and I know the Roger Waters is very supportive of the Palestinian people. My love of metal music means I am not a traditional primary school teacher, but I hope I am the coolest teacher! Just like School of Rock, I see myself as the Jack Black of Palestine! I hope Palestinians are able to establish actual unity, that is, we are able to unify our human vision. - Ahmed Abu Hashhash

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