I will be turning 88 very soon. Originally my Family was from Hebron, but I lived and worked in Jerusalem for 10 years. I was in Jerusalem at the time of the Nakba and had to return to Hebron because of the war. I remember Jerusalem before the Nakba, Jewish and Arab Palestinians lived peacefully together. We visited each other, we even invited each other to our weddings. During the time of Jordanian rule in the West Bank I was conscripted to the Jordanian Army. This was common for Palestinian men in the West Bank at the time. As a result of this I had to fight for the Jordanians in the 6 day war. In a battle close to Jericho I suffered a leg injury as a result of the Israeli Airforce’s use of Napalm. I still limp to this day. I started as a street vendor selling stationery in Hebron. Eventually, I was able to rent this shop from the owners and I have been here ever since. I learnt the trade of binding and covering books and had a very successful business from this shop for some time. After a two year curfew was placed on the marketplace by Israeli Occupation, business has drastically declined. My wife and I had 6 children, 3 sons and 3 daughters. Fortunately my daughters are married and live happy lives. I like to tell the younger generation about how things used to be for Palestinians. - Ali Omar Quawasi

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