I studied graphic design at Polytechnic University in Hebron. I have always loved to work creatively with my hands. After I graduated, I was looking for work on the internet and came across something called paper crafts. I was inspired by other people's creations and slowly began producing my own designs. I received tremendous support and admiration from family and friends, and they convinced me to start my own business. I now have a facebook page, called Alwan Jud (Good Colors), on which I display my creations and receive requests for products. In my daytime job I work as a kindergarten teacher, and I find the work very rewarding. I first began working with kids as a volunteer with the organisation, Happy Homes, which organizes summer and winter camps for children. I think the most important thing is to see the kids educated and happy, and I try to inspire them to discover their creativity and passions in life. In the future, I would like to focus more on teaching arts and handicrafts to the people of Hebron. I have found that I can create something out of nothing, and I think this is a great source of inspiration to draw from. -Fatima Shweiki

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