At ten years old, I participated in my first gymnastics championship for the city of Hebron. I won. Then I won a national championship. When I came home from an event in Greece, I began karate too and joined the Palestinian Karate Union. In one to the championships, there were no girls to compete with so they brought a boy. I won and he was so upset. When I first began karate, I got some criticism from my extended family saying it wasn’t feminine enough. But boys and girls can both do any sport if they work on it. If you’re good, society will accept you. Flips are my favorite. Flipping backwards took a long time to learn. There’s one movement everyone thinks is so difficult. You put your chin on the ground and flip your whole body over your head—for me it was easy. I started writing about sports at the end of high school. I still have these little texts because I’d like to write a book called “Challenge, Resistance, and Confrontation.” - Nadine Amro

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