I just graduated from high school this year. I want to study medicine in university to become a paediatrician. I see a lot of kids suffering who deserve the opportunity to shape their lives as they want them to be. When I go to the hospital, I see people just waiting and waiting. I want to help those people in the waiting room. I studied in the U.S. during my junior year. It was a big decision forme, but I loved it. I want to know every single thing about all the places of this world. During my time in the U.S., I tried to impress upon people that we, the Palestinians, are ordinary human beings just trying to live our lives. I want people to know that Palestine is not an ugly place, but a place that you can visit, contrary to how social media and news reports portray it. I also want the international community to come here, because it's hard [for Palestinians] to get permission to travel. For me, being Palestinian gives me a lot of hope. I know I'm a strong person because I fight for life, therefore I think that I deserve to live it. - Nofouz Maswada

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