My family is originally from Gaza, but became refugees. Some of us went to Egypt, some Jordan, and, when she was young, my mother came here. She studied on Shuhada street where I was born. It used to look very different. I would spend a wonderful time there when it was open [to Palestinian access]. When my husband was alive he couldn’t walk. Because they do not allow cars in this part of the city, we would have to carry him. I had an open-heart operation, and walking too far makes me feel faint. I like to cook. I’m can make anything! Especially mujadara. First, you fry up onion and garlic, then boil equal parts rice and lentils and mix them. Once it’s cooked, you put bigger pieces of fried onion on top. The white of the rice and the brown of the lentils looks very nice on a big plate. I have six sons. They all like mujadara. They like everything I cook! Today, I woke up early to prepare fruit and coffee. I made my house beautiful and everyone came to visit. We had a nice time and talked about many things. When we all gather, we try to remember the past together. - Wejdan Ziedeh

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